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 Leather is a fascinating material with one-of-a-kind properties. Please keep in mind that leather is skin. It will bend, stretch, and absorb moisture and oils. Just like anything else you deem valuable, leather products require upkeep. To keep in tip-top shape, Please take great care to ensure longevity, as they are carefully made to last. All our leather products are made with top grain, (and more recently) full grain leather hides. If you notice small imperfections/irregularities please identify that as a distinctive trait and not as a defect. Here are some tips to protect your product from common damage:

  • Be mindful of any bottles containing liquid in your bag - for even major water spills can damage the actual leather. Do not expose to excess or prolonged moisture.  

  • Avoid constant over-stuffing bags to keep silhouette.

  • Cease interaction with rigid surfaces to avoid scratches or scrapes to the bag. If scratches become present, gently buff/minimize them away with a soft cloth.

  • Regularly wipe your bag with a damp-to-dry soft rag or micro-fiber cloth. Never use harsh oils or alkaline cleaners on your bag.

  • To remove oil stains or oil spills onto your product, dab a liberal amount of cornstarch and let sit for a couple of hours to a full day. Once the timeframe has been met, dust off with a clean cloth. or as an alternative, simply use a  “Leather Degreaser”.  

  • Store in a dust-free environment when not in use ( In original box/dust bag).





    Vavvoune Studio + Space

    Dumbo, Brooklyn

    Vavvoune was founded through self-exploration and curiosity. Honoring my love of leather, craftsmanship, and spontaneous design. It is with great joy, imagination, and inspiration to have a space where I get to invite our customers, community, and like-minded peers to capture the essence of the brand. 

    Stool and Lounge Chair made in Sierra Leone. Sold by Laminine at a nearby flea market.

    Throughout the year, we plan to use the space as not only a studio for the brand but a creative hub to host curated events, small workshops, and talks directed at our community and in all sectors of the creative realm. Also a destination for one on one studio visits.

    It was with great exhilaration decorating and attracted furniture, objects, and books that spoke to me and resonated with our brand narrative. An ongoing process of creative discovery, which hasn't stopped.