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Leather Care


Leather is a fascinating material with one-of-a-kind properties. Please keep in mind that leather is skin. It will bend, absorb moisture/oils, and can even stretch. Just like anything else you deem valuable, leather products require upkeep. To keep in tip-top shape, Please take great care to ensure longevity, as they are carefully made to last. All our leather products are made with top-grain, (and more recently) full-grain leather hides. If you notice small imperfections/irregularities, please identify that as a distinctive trait, not a defect.

Below are some tips to protect your product from common damage.



  • Be mindful of any bottles containing liquid in your bag - for even major water spills can damage the leather. Do not expose to excess or prolonged moisture.  
  •  Avoid constantly over-stuffing bag to keep silhouette.
  •  Cease interaction with rigid surfaces to avoid scratches or scrapes to the bag. 
  •  If scratches become present, gently buff them with a soft cloth to minimize them away.  
  • Regularly wipe your bag with a damp-to-dry soft rag or micro-fiber cloth. 
  • Never use harsh oils or alkaline cleaners on your bag.
  • To remove oil stains or oil spills onto your product, dab a liberal amount of cornstarch and let sit for a couple of hours to a full day. Once the timeframe has been met, dust off with a clean cloth. or as an alternative, simply use a  “Leather Degreaser”.  
  •  Store in a dust-free environment when not in use ( In original box/dust bag).